Make money as an Infopreneur

Wikipedia defines 'Infopreneur' as "a person whose primary business is gathering and selling electronic information". In other words, an infopreneur is an entrepreneur who makes money selling information on the Internet.

Information is the ultimate product. And the Web is the ultimate medium to deliver information to knowledge-hungry searchers all around the world. Most information is sold in electronic format, which means no printing or shipping costs, and instant delivery to the buyer. And the best part is, much of that process can be automated to truly create a 'hands-off' (or mostly) business.

Where does the information come from? The first place is, from your own experiences, and expertise, and passions. If you can document that knowledge, you can sell it to others also interested in that topic.

Of course, you need to start with a subject that a significant number of people are interested in. This takes some research. For example, on my site I sell books I have written about organic farming and gardening. Many thousands of people each month are searching for information on those topics.

The good news is, there are hundreds of millions of people searching the web for information. You don't have to attract a very big percentage of them to do very well as an Infopreneur.

The range of possible information products you could create is vast; here's a few examples to stimulate your thinking:

  1. Books

  2. E-books

  3. E-courses

  4. Special Reports

  5. Home-Study Courses

  6. Membership Sites

  7. CD-of-the-Month

  8. Specialty Newsletters

  9. Teleseminars

  10. Interviews with Experts

  11. Workbooks

  12. Software

  13. Tutorials & Case Studies

  14. Audio CD Programs

  15. Video Programs on DVDs

  16. Toolkits

But . . . what if you can't write?

You may be thinking that you don't know how to write, or create information products. I know I started out unsure if I had anything valuable to say. Here's one thing I've come to realize is true: you (and I) know how to do at least ONE THING better than the next 10,000 people to come along!

Think of your passions, the stuff you do even when nobody is paying you. Or the things you do that seem easy to you, that your friends marvel at and say 'I could never do that in a million years'. Is there the seed of an information product in that passion? Could you write about it to inform and educate and excite others?

Of course, you may say to your self 'but I don't know HOW to write'! All this means is, you haven't learned how YET! Writing for money is easier than you think, and (like most things), the more you do of it the better you get!

I put together this page of Writing Resources that have helped me get my ideas down on paper (and get others to buy the results!) Have a peek at my Writing Resources for the Infopreneur

And, if you look at the list, you will see that many of those information products are not written. You can create and sell CDs and DVDs on many topics; in some cases the material is not even created by you! For example, you can interview experts in your chosen topic area, record the interviews and sell them.

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