I wanted to create a 4-season income for my small farm . . .

I was feeling FRUSTRATED after my first two attempts at building a website that works for my farm

I've been 'on-line' since 2006; currently about half my farm sales are a result of my website, and other sales - e.g. my books and products I recommend - provide a nice steady income, even in the 'off-season' from farming.

But things did not start out that way. The first two times I tried to build a 'website that worked' were abysmal failures.

But I learned better, and now I do better. Over the years, people have asked me how they can develop a working website, that gets 'traffic' and makes money online. I'll tell you how we came to create our site. I can also recommend the same resource that taught me how to build an online business.

Why I needed a web site that WORKS
(and why you do, too)

People go on-line to search for TWO things:

1 - Information;

2 - Something to buy.

I realized the new reality; that is, a REAL business is expected to have a 'web presence'; so I decided I might as well make a virtue of a necessity and find the best company I could to help build my site.

So what did I come up with?

Even in 2005, there were a lot of choices for web hosting. I researched a LOT of them, and tried a couple, with the (lack of) results I've mentioned.

But, eventually I  found a company that was a little different.

They offered a truly amazing service that helps people build income-generating businesses on-line. Of course they provide complete hosting services, but more importantly they give you an extensive suite of tools to help you build traffic and generate meaningful income.

That company is Solo Build It! SBI!

There's no retirement plan for farmers (or many other small business people)

Market gardening and operating my small farm is the best job I've ever had. But the downside is, like a lot of small business people, I don't have a retirement plan for my later years (like when I'm 110 or so). 

And the income tends to be seasonal, at least here in the Great White North.

So that provided a couple motivating factors to build a working website:

  • provide year-round income
  • earn money from an asset rather than my time

And make no mistake, an income-generating website can be a valuable asset.

That simple 4-step process I mentioned . . .

Now, you may be just barely aware there is another world out there, the somewhat mysterious world of e-commerce. And you might be like me when I started, and not have a clue how to enter that world.

The good news is, SBI! provides you with step-by-step instructions and a complete toolset has makes the process as easy to follow as a cake recipe. Solo Build It! is designed around a simple formula, which they refer to as CTPM. This stands for Content -> Traffic -> Presell -> Monetize.

Remember those two things I learned about on-line activity. When people are surfing the net, what are they looking for?

1 - they want information and 2 - they want to buy stuff!

And, if a lot of people are looking for something, then that thing probably has value.

People that visit this site are looking for ideas about food, farming and market gardening, so that's what I focus on providing. That Content generates Traffic that I Presell by providing useful information (there are more than 200 pages of free Content on my site).

So tell me about that 'Monetization' thing

The final Monetization step (for me) occurs when people buy one of my books or an affiliated product that I recommend. And there are about three dozen other ways to make money from a site, once you have that 'pre-sold traffic'.

So, in the wonderful world of e-commerce, I can be an 'info-preneur'. I can package the things I know so that others can benefit from it, and some of them will be grateful enough to want to pay me for it!

And, as I mentioned, many farm customers find me through my web-site. I also use SBI! to publish an e-newsletter that lets me keep in touch with these customers as well.

Therefore, the best advice I can give you if you want your own online business is to check out Solo Build It!; they taught me what I know about the topic, and (even more important) gave me every tool I needed to make my own income-generating web site a reality.

The advantage of Solo Build It! is that it provides technical solutions to help reduce your chances of making mistakes. And, they provide clear instructions and guidance to help you succeed.

Caution - this is NOT Get Rich Quick

Now let me give you a 'real-world' caution; the best tool in the world won't work if you never apply it! Even with Solo Build It!, there's no guarantee of success. This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. If you aren't prepared to commit to the process for at least 12 months, don't start. You don't build a business over night, you build a business over time.

It takes commitment and effort to build a successful online business; I work on some aspect of my site every week. However, SBI! does put the odds in your favour. SBI! provides the tools, you provide the BAM - Brain - Attitude - Motivation.

And, you don't have to become a 'techie' to create a great income online. With Solo Build It! you don't have to build your web pages from scratch using HTML and CSS. They provide point-and-click tools and templates to create your pages quickly and easily, including graphics.

This means you can focus on writing your all-important Content instead of struggling to learn the underlying technology. And here's a tip - Content can be anything you have a passion about. Any hobby, interest or niche that you have knowledge about can be monetized through SBI!

So what do I get with SBI!

In short, you get the coaching, guidance, training and tools you need to create your own income-generating on-line business. Here's some of the goodies included in the SBI! package:

* domain name registration
* web site hosting
* point-and-click page creation
* content management
* blogging
* market research
* traffic stats
* search engine optimization
* auto-responders
* form builder
* graphic manager
* customizable templates
* sitemaps
* RSS feeds
* web mail
* newsletter management

All that plus megabytes of guide books on topics like writing for the web and marketing your site, a 10-day Action Guide and the best discussion forums on the web where thousands of SBI! members share tips and advice.

Solo Build It! is basically an all-in-one solution for building a successful online business. And, they continue to add new tools and refine their existing ones to stay 'state-of-the-art' for web development.

This sounds like something I could do,now what?

First, let me repeat my caution: this is not get rich quick. There is no guarantee you can create this kind of income; as with everything in life, you will get out of it what you put in.

But if you apply your brains and attitude and motivation you could create a business that will change your life, for less than a dollar a day!

Now, I've never met a farmer (or any other small business person) that wasn't always busy; nobody else cares about our business as much as we do.

It may be that you give SBI! a try and find out you just can't fit it into your schedule. That's OK, because SBI! offers a 90-day guarantee, so you can test it out risk-free.

Try SBI! risk-free

p.s. I'm a SiteSell affiliate because I strongly believe in what they offer, and I wanted to recommend SBI! to all my visitors.

I have absolutely no qualms about recommending SBI! to you; I know it actually works. If you sign up for SBI! through one of the links on this page, you can start your own online business today, and I'll receive a small commission that helps to support this website.

Thank you in advance, and if you need help getting your new website started, just ask.

And, if you think you might like to be an SBI! affiliate too, check out the program here Make money as an SBI! Affiliate

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Want a website that works? By that I mean a website that gets traffic and can generate a second income for your farm. 

I've been on-line since 2006 and have picked up a few tips on how to build a farm website that will be a valuable asset to your small farm business. Learn more and download my free report here.

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