How to Raise Chickens

Learning how to raise chickens is not difficult, if you follow a few basic guidelines. There are a few key steps to follow and a couple important issues that you need to be aware of to successfully raise baby chickens into tasty (and profitable) roasters.

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Here are some of the key principles to successful chicken raising:

  • Do it natural. Organic is the only way to go. If you are going to the effort of raising your own birds for the freezer or for sale, you might as well raise the best.

  • Do it outdoors. Raising chickens on pasture is simply the best choice for the small flock owner. Chickens raised on grass have fewer health problems, are more nutritious, and are tastier, too!

  • Don't process them yourself. Cleaning and plucking chickens is quite a bit of work, and if you are doing a batch of, say, 100 birds, you will need space, help, and probably lots of freezer space to get the birds frozen quickly.

    Unless you really want to be fully self-sufficient, or you have experience in processing chickens, I recommend you bring your birds to an inspected abattoir, especially if you plan to sell them.
How to raise chickensWe figured out how to raise chickens in portable coops

We've been raising meat birds successfully - i.e. profitably - here on New Terra Farm for a number of years. You can find out more about our methods here:

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Here's how to raise chickens, step-by-step. Follow these instructions to raise your own small flock

Here are some key chicken-raising tips to keep your birds safe, warm, healthy, and growing steadily more . . .

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