Get some market gardening publicity - free!

We've said before that market gardening is as much about 'marketing' as 'gardening'.Here’s some bonus information about promoting your bootstrap market garden (or any farm business). We have done these things, and can tell you they work to get publicity for your farm.

Issue a news release. Local media are always looking for events of interest or unique happenings. Starting your own farm business is newsworthy!

We have sent out news releases about the rare breed animals we have on the place, the start-up of our bootstrap business, and (of course) the Premier’s Award. Each has resulted in media attention, and some media visits.

We have been in a dozen or so newspapers, and interviewed on television (even before the award). Find something you think might be of interest to your local media, write it up and send it out.

Write an article. Write a brief article (300-500 words) about your farm and submit to local papers. Here’s an interesting thing, a ‘news release’ and an ‘article’ can be just about identical in content! Just change the heading, and send it out.

We have had several follow-up visits from reporters after submitting an article, and the phone always starts to ring with new customers after it is published. Free advertising!

Consider setting up a web site. This falls into the category of ‘not necessary but expected’; i.e. the new standard for business is a web presence.

This does not have to be difficult, but it will take work (and some money) to create a decent site. However, done right, the investment can pay off many times over. See more about building a web site that works on our how we grew a website page

Submit articles to on-line article directories. There are many 'hubs' on the internet that will accept and publish your on-line article for free. These hubs get a lot of traffic from the search engines, and therefore can attract a lot of traffic to your website (and your business). Check out my online article at for an example.

Other sites to submit to include and It is really not that difficult to write a few hundred words on a topic you are passionate about (and you are passionate about market gardening, right?)

Our Bootstrap Market Gardening book has a section on writing news releases and articles, including:

  • What to write about

  • How to write a snappy headline

  • Where and how to submit them to the press.

We even include sample headlines that have actually been published about our farm.

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