Raising chickens for meat and money

Raising chickens (organically, of course) is a great way to put meat in your freezer and some money in your wallet. At New Terra Farm, we have been raising meat birds for 8 years; we have figured out a system to minimize loss and maximize returns (and with less work too.)

Here's why you should consider raising meat birds on your small farm.

Raising chickens in a heated broody box

Raising chickens in a heated broody box

Why raising chickens is a good business

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Is raising meat birds a good idea for the small land owner? You betcha! Some of the advantages:

  • Quick turnaround - 10-12 weeks from getting the chicks until they are in the freezer. This means a quick return on your money, and in most places you can do more than one 'batch' a year (we usually do 3.)

  • Space efficient - you don't need a lot of land to grow some chickens, even on pasture (the ONLY way, IMHO)

  • Raising meat birds our way does not take much time from your day; we spend about 5-10 minutes twice a day for feeding/watering, and about 20 minutes once a week to move our portable coop and fencing

  • Organic chicken is profitable - if you can control your losses (we'll show you how later) you can expect to net 40-50% of your sale price. In other words you can just about double your money in 10-12 weeks. Beats the stock market, eh?

  • and, last but not least, your own chicken from your pasture or big back yard tastes GREAT!

Raising chickens on pasture

Raising chickens on pasture with a movable coop

How to decide if this business is right for you

While I personally believe every small farm should have some chickens, you should do a little analysis before launching into this as a business. Some points to consider:

  • What's your market? i.e. how will you sell the birds, and how many do you think you can sell?

  • Where will you raise them? While chickens don't need a lot of space compared to other livestock, they do need some room if you are running them on pasture. For example a flock of 100 meat birds here on our farm eventually roams over about 1/5-acre (6 or 7 thousand square feet)

  • How will you protect your birds from predators?

  • Where will you get your feed, from a local farmer or mill or feed store?

  • Where will your birds be processed? can you do it yourself, or is there an abattoir within an hour's drive?

  • Do you have freezer space to keep a batch of birds until they are sold?

  • What regulatory restrictions are placed on you when raising chickens? e.g here in Ontario we are only allowed to raise and sell 300 birds annually if we don't have a quota from the marketing board. Check this out carefully to avoid problems.

For further reading . . .

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