From our family farm to your family's door

New Terra Farm Market Garden 2007       
Harvest Calendar
Crop Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Beans, Green and Yellow **         
Broccoli, heads or florettes **          
Brussels sprouts lbs         
Cabbage; red, green, savoy         
Carrots **          
Cucumbers **         
Garlic and garlic scapes          
Green onions         
Head lettuce         
Herbs (parsley, basil, dill etc) **          
Leaf lettuce **         
Mixed saute greens          
Onions, red and sweet white **         
Peas, sugar snap          
Peppers, sweet and hot **         
Potatoes **         
Radishes **          
Spinach 10 oz bag         
Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes          
Tomatoes, slicing **         
Salad mix **          
Winter squash         
Zucchini and summer squash         
The above represents estimated availability of each crop for a typical year. Quantities will vary, some crops will thrive, some may be less successful, but we plan on average to provide sufficient vegetables for fresh eating each week for a family of 4. New Terra Farm CSA does not guarantee a minimum amount for any crop.
**Improved for 2007 - MORE

staple crops e.g. beans, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, and MORE fresh culinary herbs

Select up to 2 alternate vegetables each week (depending on availabilty). Get more of your favorites, less of other varieties