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ECO FARM DAY 2008 in Cornwall 
Over 30 exhibitors and a range of guest speakers will attend Eco Farm Day at the Ramada Inn in Cornwall February 22 and 23. Keynote speaker is Joel Salatin, …

Earth Hour celebration in Merrickville Not rated yet
Come join us for a candlelight walk in the village of Merrickville on Saturday March 27 in celebration of Earth Hour. We will meet up at the Blockhouse …

Merrickville Goes Green 1st Annual Eco-Friendly Fair Not rated yet
Merrickville Goes Green is sponsoring a competition for artists in Merrickville-Wolford to design a 'green' logo for reusable shopping bags to be distributed …

Thirty Years Later Expedition - A transCanada Biological Survey Not rated yet
Biologist/Artist team Fred Schueler and Aleta Karstad of Bishops Mills Natural History Centre will revisit the landscape they have traveled over the past …

The Future of Food - An Eastern Ontario Regional Event Not rated yet
I heard this on CBC this morning (Monday, March 17) so thought I'd share... from http://www.gpo.ca/node/1406 A better food system for farmers, consumers …

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