Organic food home delivery and organic farms in Almonte, Ontario

Get your grub from an organic food home delivery service in beautiful Almonte Ontario! At least that is what they are calling it this week; Almonte went through a number of name changes in the early days, from Shepherd's Falls to Shipman's Mills, Ramsayville, and by about 1855, Waterford. This made it difficult to get Christmas cards delivered. And good luck keeping your letterhead up to date.

The History of Almonte site says that the textile business that once sustained the town has now died out, but they remain a 'close-knit' community (I wish I had said that, its pretty good).

Almonte is named for General Juan Almonte; General Almonte was primarily a diplomat, and was in fact Mexico's ambassador to the United States at the time that open warfare erupted between the two countries. I think the U.S. won that one but apparently many Mexican citizens are still 'invading' the States on a regular basis (one at a time and quietly).

But all that fussin' and feudin' will make a body hungry, so lets find some good food from an organic farm in Almonte.

Riverside Garden
4884 Hwy 29 Almonte
Inez & David McCreery
613) 256-9699

The McCreerys offer a large variety of vegetables as well as raspberries. They have a CSA as well as selling at the Carp and Stittsville markets

Dunbrae Farms
RR#3, 4900 Appleton Side Rd. Almonte
Bruce & Janet Duncan
613) 256-2933

The Duncans carry certified organic Red Poll heritage grass-fed beef and Tamworth pastured heritage pork as well as turkeys & eggs. They sell from the farm gate and the Almonte market.

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