Find natural and organic food in Eastern Ontario

Find the healthy, nutritious natural and organic food you want at restaurants, stores, farms, markets and co-ops in and around Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.

If you wonder what's in the food you eat
And food scares make you queasy
Find natural and organic vegetables and meat
New Terra Natural Food makes it easy!

Why we do what we do - GREAT FOOD!

So, who are we (and why are we perpetrating bad poetry)? New Terra Farm is a small family-owned business located near Merrickville, Ontario. We grow a lot of our own veggies and meats, with limited quantities for sale. Trust us, we grow-it better than we po-et!

A man out standing in his field

---------------May 2020 farm update----------------

New Terra Farm has a new venture this season;  we are preparing to launch our legal cannabis start-up, TNT-Buds. We were medical growers for a number of years, the herb helped Suzie tremendously with arthritic pain.

One consequence of this is, I've slashed the price on my Complete Start Farming Pack. Get a great deal, on a great deal of practical farming knowledge. Save over 60%.

Hundreds of people have bought my books, I really appreciate your support. Funds from book sales are going to help us contribute to the legal cannabis market in Canada, which I think is a worthwhile and needed thing.

Happy Growing, Scott & Suzie


Our guiding philosophy . . .

Natural is better! Foods grown organically have more of the good stuff (vitamins, minerals and other factors that promote good health) and less of the bad stuff (i.e. herbicides and pesticides) in them. If you are as concerned as we are about what's in the food you eat, then go natural! Get more information about this topic (some very scary!) via the links and reports on our Organic Advantage page.

Farm grown is better! Purchasing directly from organic farms and farmers' markets helps guarantee fresh produce. Farmers' markets and home delivery food basket programs (also known as Community Supported Agriculture or CSA) are a great source of natural and organic food for your family.

We day-range our poultry on pasture - NO confinement

Pasture-raised is better! There is growing evidence to show that raising animals on pasture is better for the animal, better for the farmer, better for the environment and produces food that is better for the consumer. Find out more on our Organic Farming and Animals Welfare page.

Local is better! Current statistics show that over 85% of natural and organic food eaten by Canadians comes from outside the country. It takes 1500 calories of petrochemical energy to get 1 calorie of food energy to Canada from California. That is the definition of 'not sustainable'!

Buy local, get great food, support your local grower and save the environment, all at the same time! Look for local, Ontario, or Canadian sources (preferably in that order) for natural foods and organic packaged and prepared foods as well.

Our piggies help clean up our garden

Now what, oh wise yet humble farmer/poet?

You can follow the links to find sources and resources for natural and organic food in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. For the rest of the world, we have information about growing, cooking, preserving and enjoying good natural and organic food that's also good for you.

Dogs and lambs living together - MASS HYSTERIA!

New Terra Farm Receives Innovation Award

New Terra Farm received the Premier's Award for Agri-food Innovation Excellence for our innovative small farm marketing and management model. Find out more about the award on our New Terra Farm page, or Contact da Farm for details.

Suzie immediately grabbed the plaque, wouldn't let go

The award is just one reason we believe that there's never been a better time to be a market gardener! Demand for fresh, natural and organic food is soaring: the market in North America is growing by at least 20% annually.

If you are a small farmer (or are thinking about starting a market garden), don't miss finding out more about about our prize-winning market gardening model and take home some lessons from our efforts to launch a successful small farm (without having to spend a fortune.) Hey, they gave us the award, we must have done something right!

New Terra Farm Releases Bootstrap Market Gardening book  - 2019 Edition

We didn't have a lot of money, or equipment, or a huge farm, but we found a way to make our farm work anyway. If that describes your situation, you might want to check out the Bootstrap Market Gardening book, to find out how we did it!

Bootstrap Market Gardening book plus Garden Planner software

Farmers (and all you others!) Want a website that works, guaranteed?

Always wanted a web site for your business but didn't know how to go about it? Find out how we grew this web site. p.s. you don't need to be a farmer to take advantage of this (and you don't need to be an HTML programmer to build a working website!)


This site made with 100% recycled electrons. No animals were harmed in any of the photos (a few didn't make it past Thanksgiving, though)

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